Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Friends of Broadway Station

19th September 2018

Where are They

There was not a lot happening on the Station today with the Maintenance Team as they were involved with projects at Toddington and Winchcombe. Here is the block paving work at Toddington entrance.


Peter Q and David were making something out of wood, I saw Dave measuring up one of the picnic tables so perhaps that's a clue.

Graham the painter was touching up the chimney breast in the Restaurant Room and Bob filling a hole in the kitchen.


The contractors had finished one side of the bridge and have now moved to the other side.

The North side of the bridge.

The South side.

Friends of Broadway Station

If you wish to join the merry band of members, then here is a copy of the application form.



  1. A gentle suggestion Vic, photos of Broadway station would be great. As an enthusiast I just loved the detail of the build, but can't speak for all.

  2. Wouldn't mind a bench just outside the gate for when on gate duty . . .