Thursday, 15 February 2018

Roll on Summer or even Spring, Please

Wednesday  14th February 2018

Another Wednesday and  another very cold start followed by yet another wet and windy day, we can't remember when the last fine day greeted us at Broadway. 19 hardy volunteers were around plus the plumbers, the electrician and later Buildings & Services and on the track bed P Way, all busy doing their stuff. Not to mention the many visitors!
At the moment volunteers are now attending on other days to push certain jobs on. Monday saw a sizable gang continue with slab laying ,woodworking and leveling. Tuesday saw a smaller group carrying on with the laying of slabs towards the northern end of the building.

Six more rows had been laid, which included the cutting and cementing around the first manhole. Later John C and Tony were seen brushing kiln dried sand into the gaps between.

Today the slabbing crew were at the southern end of the building laying slabs from the platform side to the front of the building.

Paul made a start leveling the area , whilst John S and Bob cleaned, measured and cut the slabs to suit.

By mid-afternoon the area had been finished and with spare mix available they moved to the platform side.
Another area completed outside the kitchen door .

Buildings & Services were leveling and slabbing the front of the building, this is what they had achieved by the end of the day.

With a welcome return of Graham, we saw the full complement of painters hit the Store Room and Booking Office, both rooms had the first coats of paint applied to the ceilings and walls. Mike below kneeling and painting, the end product in the second photo of the Booking Office. After Graham and Mike left the remaining Mike continued painting some of the newly made paneling and gave the Broadway running in board letters their first coat. 

Previously, about 10 mins before in the Storeroom the carpentry team had only just finished the installation and filling of the fixing holes in the skirting board, before they wanted to be in there painting!

 Pete on his knees fixing the skirting board in the Storeroom.

Another team really braving the weather were out on platform 1, the job was to bring it all up to the correct height ready for eventually tarmacing.

Vic, Rod and Keith were supplied all day with spent ballast, occasionally helped by others. Finally it was rolled and checked for the correct level.

Looking good 

Out on the track bed we had two visits from the ballast train, they have finally completed ballasting the platform 2 side and next week we hear the Tamper is down to pay us a visit.


And finally a picture of the Booking Hall floor, this Thursday it should have the second coat of sealer applied and, when dry next week, we should be able to make a start on finishing the woodwork.


  1. You are all very brave in this awful weather but the work you are all doing is to such a high standard, well done to you all. Our new "Lady" is certainly starting to look the part, we are getting very excited to see her when the open season starts. Again David, another fine report and pictures, hope the extra working days are being pictured !and put into the attendance book!
    Paul & Marion

  2. Wow, the tilers have done a superb job of the booking hall floor. Such precision shows a skill of the highest kind and a fitting tribute to the original station builders over a century ago. And it's nice to see the slab laying going so well under the canopy - makes all the difference to the look of the building.

  3. Excellent platform slab work! and the interior is coming along apace too!
    The floor in the Booking Hall is wonderful, well done all.
    Regards, Paul.

  4. Well, it's all splendid, really splendid. The floor in the Booking Hall looks far too nice to let people walk on ! Did you think of that ?

    I see you've still got a load of flagstones to lay to the north of the station building. Good luck with it, and with all the other jobs. You've still got plenty to do to keep you busy !


  5. Is it a trick of the light, or is the ticket office really going to be pink?

  6. Things are very busy,at Broadway!.People working,most days,of the week!.Will the cubicles,in the toilets,be the traditional GWR,style.Or modern MDF,ones?. Anthony.