Thursday, 30 July 2015

Steam arrives at the Signalbox

Wednesday 29 July   A sunny day with 25 volunteers on site with plenty to do.

We had the help of Fairview today to lift and turn the edging coping slabs for platform 2.

Fairview helping with moving the slabs

Making a start in trimming the ends
 These are the slabs that were originally on platform 2 at Cheltenham Racecourse. In most cases the top side of the slabs is damaged and so they have to be turned over so that the underside can be used as the top side, also the ends of the slabs need to be trimmed square. This is a very slow dusty job even with water. Only another 49 to go! With 3 slabs cleaned up they were taken to the end of platform 2 where they were laid.

Graham and Mike

The painters have a lot to do. Today they started on priming the roof space. By the end of the day half had been done. Undercoat and top coat to follow. At the same time the last of the wood paneling just below the roof was being finished

Steam at the Box
While work was progressing on the signalbox we were visited by these lovely miniture steam traction engines. They had been to a rally at Welland and were staying at the nearby caravan site. Needless to say they brought work on site to a halt for what turned out to be a large photo session.

Jo overseeing soil removal

Another important job was to clear the trackbed of about 20 tons of soil that had been donated for various landscaping jobs. The remainder is being taken down into the car park. They worked hard all day long leaving only about a quarter of the pile for another day.

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